The drama and beauty that is easily found in nature is my greatest motivator to paint in any medium. However in the last few years, watercolour has been my medium of choice and I’m forever striving to master it.  Enhanced by the early morning or late afternoon sunlight, nature provides us with an unending source of the subject matter. I am attracted to the many beautiful designs, shapes and colours that light creates on things.  Most of my subject matter is images from nature, whether it be floral, landscapes or wildlife.  I didn't start out planning on being an environmental artist but as my work developed, I realized that I had a message to convey. I hope that everyone who enjoys my paintings have the same appreciation and admiration for our environment and that they are inspired to work at preserving it as much as possible. Also, I hope that my art gives praise to our Creator who provided us with this incredible and beautiful creation and that my paintings are vehicles that can transfer the same feelings of wonder and awe that I experience in the presence of this fleeting and fragile beauty.